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Brendon Shooting Sunset at Valley of Fire
Brendon | Valley of Fire. 

About Brendon Porter

Brendon was Born in Idaho, soon after his family moved to Europe. After a few years he returned to the States to settle down in AZ.  After living in AZ for 20 yrs, he moved to Utah. He now resides there with his wife and kids. 

He didn't know it at the time...

Soon after moving to Utah Brendon met his wife.  He didn't know it at the time, but living in Utah gave him a perspective on nature he had not had before.  Living so close to majestic mountains was a thrill!

Buying his first Digital Camera...

Brendon has been involved with photography since the very first Kodak & Minolta / Sony digital cameras. In 2003, Brendon bought his first digital camera.  A 5 Mega Pixel Minolta.  After that he was hooked.  Shooting everything in site he quickly amassed several thousand photos.  He enjoyed shooting landscapes, skies, and objects in Macro. In 2016 he bought his first Full Frame digital camera.  That year he and Aaron King went out to shoot the night sky.  He's been a lover of the milky way ever since.

Today Brendon is out exploring the amazing world we all live in.  If its epic landscapes or the macro details of small objects, Brendon is finding a way to make photography fun and interesting.